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FSP d'appui aux politiques sectorielles agricoles. Composante 2 : appui aux organisations paysannes. Collective assessment on FO's situation and support to FO's in Cambodia : report on the Workshop, Phnom Penh, 19 - 22 September 2005

Dugué M.J., Le Coq J.F.. 2005. Montpellier : CIRAD, 33 p.. Workshop on Farmers' Organizations. 1, 2005-09-19/2005-09-22, Phnom Penh (Cambodge).

The workshop has the following specific objectives: - To initiate a group dynamic among the participants in order to build a FO-TaskForce endowed with common references; - To precise expectations of the participants towards the FO-TF; - To develop with the participants a collective assessment of the situation of FOs and FOs support in Cambodia; - To identify transversal and specific issues for FOs strengthening in Cambodia. After the presentation of the support process from CIRAD-CIEPAC team, the first phase put the emphasis on the elicitation of the participants' expectations towards the workshop and the support from Cirad-Ciepac team. The second phase aimed at building a common analysis of the FOs' situation: - Firstly by using first Focus Group discussion method, and the SWOT method -which participants are confident with, to get the participants' feelings and perception of the situation. -Then, by presenting the inventory preliminary results to provide new "objective" information on the situation in Cambodia. -and last, by providing a synthesis by the experts of the situation of FOs and FOs support in Cambodia. To follow the expectation of the participant, an input to deal with the definition of FOs, and to give some insight of the diversity of rural organisations was also provided. The third phase tended to elaborate with the participants a typology of Cambodian FOs, based on their activities. After introduction about the typology concept, the diversity of the functions played by Cambodian FOs have been discussed within working groups (see here after). A typology has been designed from the results of the working groups. Last, transversal and specific issues for development of FOs in Cambodia have been identified.

Mots-clés : groupe d'intérêt; association d'agriculteurs; organisation paysanne; cambodge

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