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FSP d'appui aux politiques sectorielles agricoles du Cambodge : Support to Cambodian Farmers' Organisatin Task Force. Mission from the 10th to the 19th of January 2006 : aide mémoire

Le Coq J.F., Dugué M.J.. 2006. Montpellier : CIRAD, 5 p.. Workshop on Farmers' Organizations. 3, 2006-01-11/2006-01-17, Phnom Penh (Cambodge).

The general objectives of the mission were the following: - For the experts, to test the pedagogical materials prepared to help the members of the Cambodian FO TF to complete their skill on FOs and FOs support as well as being in position to train other Cambodian practitioners supporting FOs. - For the participants, to develop their knowledge and skill on FOs and their pedagogical skill - To consider the future of the FO TF and initiate the elaboration of an action plan. To achieve the objectives, the following activities have been implemented: 1 - Development of training workshops targeted on practitioners supporting FOs ; this step consisted in 3 parts: - in Phnom Penh (4 days), the activity was dedicated to the preparation of pilot training provincial training workshops, on the basis of the pedagogical materials prepared and presented by the experts; - in 2 provinces (Kompong Cham, Battambang): 2 day pilot training workshop were carried out by the members of the task force (see Appendix 1) in presence of the experts, and with the trainees identified at the end of the November workshop; - debriefing about these workshops; 2 - A debriefing and conclusion time about the whole process with the participants, with first discussions about a possible future action plan for the FO TF, 3 - Debriefing with project coordinators to design the follow up activities.

Mots-clés : groupe d'intérêt; association d'agriculteurs; organisation paysanne; cambodge

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