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FSP Mobilisateur "Valorisation de l'expérience française d'appuis aux organisations paysannes dans la ZSP" (FSP 2000 - 125) : Support to Cambodian Farmers' Organisation Task Force. Mission from the 4th to the 16 th of November 2005 : aide mémoire

Le Coq J.F., Dugué M.J.. 2005. Montpellier : CIRAD, 7 p.. Workshop on Farmers' Organizations. 2, 2005-11-07/2005-11-11, Phnom Penh (Cambodge).

The mission takes place within the agenda of the FSP "Appui aux politiques sectorielles agricoles" (Component 2: Farmers' Organizations). It consisted in the second step of the support to the Cambodian FOs' Task Force. It focussed on the widening of the scope of knowledge on FOs' situation and evolution through the implementation of a second training workshop dedicated to the presentation of selected worldwide case studies. The general objectives of the mission were the following: - For the experts, to test the presentation of the selected case studies specifically prepared to strengthen the capacities of the members of the Cambodian FO TF regarding their contents and their forms in the perspective of the building of an "FO Training Tool Kit"; - For the FO TF, to enlarge their references on FOs possible role in the agricultural development through the presentation of worldwide case studies. To achieve these goals, the following activities have been implemented: - A Workshop entitled "Lessons learned from worldwide experiences"; - Debriefings with project coordinators to design the follow up activities (the workshops scheduled in January 2006 and beyond). The mission then focussed on the implementation of the 4 days training workshop "Lessons learned from worldwide experiences".

Mots-clés : groupe d'intérêt; association d'agriculteurs; Étude de cas; organisation paysanne; cambodge

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