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European market, January 2006 : indicators. Banana, avocado, orange, grapefruit, easy peelers, litchi, mango, pineapple, sea freight

Imbert E., Hébrard V., Delanoue C., Gerbaud P., Paqui T., Bright R.. 2006. Fruitrop (English ed.) (132) : p. 12-22.

Banana: The end of the quota system did not have negative effects in January. Prices remained at a good level at 16% higher than average. However, releases were not very encouraging at the beginning of the period after the Christmas and New Year celebrations and limited, significantly short supply of fruits from all origins was the major factor in the maintaining of these excellent results. Avocado: The avocado market progressed well, returning to a satisfactory level after touching bottom at the end of the year. Although shipments from Mexico continued at a brisk rate, supplies were about 15% down as a result of the end of the Chilean season and a continued shortage of volumes from Israel and Spain. In this context, the 'Hass' market and that of green avocado supplied by Israel achieved fine scores. Prices increased to 35% above average. Orange: Spanish production performed extremely well once again. The supply shortage increased with the approaching end of a Navel/Naveline season that had displayed a strong deficit and prices remained very strong. Demand was not as strongly focused on easy peelers as last year and this also contributed to the good performance. Performance of 'Maltese' from Tunisia was only average, as was that of the small quantities of 'Navel' and 'Washington' blood oranges from Morocco. Grapefruit: Although total supplies were still markedly smaller than usual, they were about 20% greater than last year, in particular as the shortage of fruits from Florida was less marked than in the preceding months and large quantities of Turkish stocks were carried over from December. However, the price was similar to that of last year during the same month. Although this performance was fairly satisfactory overall, it conceals a laborious market for all origins and a strong downturn in the price of Turkish produce. Easy peelers: As in December, the quantities available were much larger than forecast. Production in Spain was to be limited according to production forecasts but quantities-especially of 'Clemenvilla'-were very plentiful. This situation of ample supplies made it difficult for other origins to gain a position on the market, especially as the only average quality of the fruits available did not stimulate consumers' appetites even though the weather conditions were right. Prices were markedly lower than average. Litchi: The weak presence of South Africa in January gave Madagascan fruits very clear dominance in supplies of litchi on the European markets. It is true that the post-Christmas period is less favourable for this fruit but although demand is smaller it is there and fairly stable. Supplies consisted mainly of Madagascan fruits shipped in sea containers and whose quality was satisfactory overall. Mango: The beginning of 2006 is more favourable than the same period last year. The end of the Brazilian season gradually left the market to produce from Peru, whose shipments seem to have been much smaller than announced and than sales in January 2005. Memories of the poor start to the 2005 season probably led Peruvian exporters to be more cautious in terms of the volumes shipped this year. Pineapple: In pineapple, the market was lethargic for the whole of January after a fairly active end of 2005, but things were happening in the sector. Supplies from Côte d'Ivoire were strongly disturbed by two weeks of civil disorder and, in addition, a one-day dock strike did not make releases easier in Week 3. Furthermore, although supplies of 'Smooth Cayenne' and 'Victoria' shipped by air were very irregular, the 'Victoria' market was much more active, especially at the end of the month. Sea freight: Although January was not the spectacular start to 2006 some had been expecting after last year, neither was it a disaster. Although average Time Charter Equivalent returns for the vessels that were fixed were admittedly significantly lower than in 2005, it should also be remembered that January last year was the exception...

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