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Planning plant breeding activities with farmers

Weltzien E., Vom Brocke K., Rattunde F.. 2005. In : Christinck Anja (ed.), Weltzien Eva (ed.), Hoffmann Volker (ed.). Setting breeding objectives and developing seed systems with farmers : A handbook for practical use in participatory plant breeding projects. Weikersheim : Margraf Publishers, p. 123-152.

The breeding activities of most PPB projects are planned and carried out in parallel to the other more diagnostic activities described in the previous chapters. Thus breeding programs evolve over time, and it can be particularly fruitful to combine the practical plant breeding work with discussions and participatory action on production systems, seed management and priority setting. In this chapter, we will present options for farmer participation in technical plant breeding work: while creating diversity, selecting and testing varieties.

Mots-clés : amélioration des plantes; variété; développement de produit; Évaluation; participation; agriculteur; projet de recherche; projet de développement

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