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Farmers' strategies and improved rubber agroforestry systems : Support mission to SRAP/CFC project/ICRAF from 5 to 19 february 2005 in Indonesia

Penot E.. 2005. Montpellier : CIRAD-TERA, 85 p.. numero_rapport: CIRAD-TERA N°25-06.

1 Introduction. 2 A global review of RAS trials. 2.1 Agroforestry practices during immature period for RAS systems. 2.2 Agroforestry practices during production period for RAS systems. 2.3 Common agronomic features and problems to all RAS plots. 2.4 Associated trees in RAS 2 and 3. 2.5 Preliminary conclusions about RAS. 2.6 Production of improved planting material by farmers. 3 Production, tapping systems and associated strategies. 4 Farmers strategies: modelling farming system as an approach for a better understanding. 5 Methodological use of the farming system modelling software "olympe". 6 Conclusion: from the work plan to the very next future. Conclusion and recommendations. Annexes.

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