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First evaluation of a cybrid lemon in Corsica

Bouffin J., Dambier D., Froelicher Y., Luro F., Fanciullino A.L., Gandoin J.M., Paolacci V., Jacquemond C., Ollitrault P.. 2005. In : ISCN ; MOALR. 7th International Congress of citrus nurserymen (ISCN), Cairo, Egupt, September 17 - 21, 2005. Montpellier : Cirad, 1 p.. International Congress of Citrus Nurserymen. 7, 2005-09-17/2005-09-21, Caire (Egypte).

Diploid somatic cybrids are frequently obtained in experiments of citrus symmetric somatic hybridizations (figure 1). These genotypes associate the nuclear genome of one citrus species with the cytoplasmic genomes of another one or eventually recombined mitochondrial genomes. Such cybrids should be interesting for cultivar diversification. From diploid protoplast electrofusions, CIRAD has obtained 11 diploid cybrids that are currently in field evaluation in Corsica. Here are presented the first results of the evaluation concerning a lemon cybrid. It associates the nuclear and chloroplastic genomes of Eureka lemon SRA 4 (Citrus limon) and the mitochondrial genome of Willow Leaf Mandarin SRA 133 (Citrus deliciosa) as shown by flow cytometry ploidy analysis, nuclear and chloroplastic microsatellite markers and mitochondrial tagged PCR markers.
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