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Conclusion and agenda for action and research

Sautier D., Van de Kop P.. 2006. In : Van de Kop Petra (ed.), Sautier Denis (ed.), Gerz Astrid (ed.). Origin-based products : Lessons for pro-poor market development. Amsterdam : KIT, p. 97-104. (Bulletins of the Royal Tropical Institute, 372).

In this book we have analysed five case studies to understand the opportunities and challenges of origin-based labelling of food products for smallholder producers in the developing world. The cases cover very diverse experiences with origin-based labelling. They present products in different types of markets (local, national, international) and different levels of formality, legal protection, and degrees of horizontal organization and vertical coordination. While they do not offer an exhaustive view, they do give rise to a number of conclusions to help focus future action and research.
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