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Organizações e dispositivos coletivos dos agricultores familiares no Nordeste of Brasil

Sabourin E.. 2006. In : Sabourin Eric (ed.). Associativismo, Cooperativismo e economia solidaria no meio rural. Brasilia : CEAM, p. 29-61. (Cadernos do Ceam, 6, 23).

Last years, new forms of collective action among Northeast smallholders have been developed by peasant communities and family farmer's organisations. This is the case of seeds banks, revolving funds, farmers' experimentation groups, alternative marketing groups. The paper analyses the origins, the growing factors, the impact of these local or regional initiatives and, also, their relationship with social movements on one hand and with public institutions on the other hand. These small holders groups constitute collective devices for natural resources management (water, grazing, forest, seeds and bio-diversity) or for public goods production (information, training, access to innovation and to specific markets). In the Northeast, particularly in the State of Paraíba, several of these experiences have mobilised social and socio-professional networks among civil society. They led to the expression of some claims through hybrid forums or commissions (water, seeds, semi-arid) in order to get a public recognising or, better, a public support, from State institutions. The authors analyse the first teaching and limits of these new forms of interaction between rural and peasant collective action and State public policies. The notion of solidarity economy is questioned, and, especially the problem of the origin of human values associated to interpersonal relationship in this kind of collective institutional devices. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : organisation paysanne; politique; exploitation agricole familiale; association d'agriculteurs; brésil; nordeste; action collective

Thématique : Economie et politique du développement; Coopératives

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