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Memo stakeholder meeting on seasonality of market supply : April 18th, 2003 - RIFAV - AVRDC/CIRAD project on peri-urban agriculture

Moustier P., Thi Tan Loc N., Mai Thi Phuong Anh, Ho Thanh Son, Hoang Bang An. 2006. In : Hoang Bang An (ed.), Moustier Paule (ed.). Vegetable market information and consultation systems in the Mekong Region : Workshop proceedings, RIFAV, May 9-13, 2005. Hanoï : RIFAV, p. 40-73. Workshop on Vegetable Market Information and Consultation Systems in the Mekong Region, 2005-05-09/2005-05-13, Hanoi (Viet Nam).

Mots-clés : marché; agriculture périurbaine; système d'information; commercialisation; offre et demande; production; circuit de commercialisation; légume; viet nam

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