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A new association : Trichogramma bournieri pintureau and babault (Hymenoptera : Trichogrammatidae) and Chilo sacchariphagus Bojer (Lepidoptera : Crambidae) in sugarcane in Mozambique

Conlong D.E., Goebel F.R.. 2006. Proceedings of the Annual Congress of the South African Sugar Technologists' Association, 80 : p. 245-249. Annual Congress of the South African Sugar Technologists' Association (SASTA). 80, 2006-07-18/2006-07-20, Durban (Afrique du Sud).

Chilo sacchariphagus Bojer, a sugarcane borer indigenous to South East Asia and the Indonesian Islands, was identified from Mozambican sugarcane in 1999. Prior to a biocontrol programme being implemented against it, intensive pre-release surveys for any indigenous natural enemies of the borer were completed. Negligible parasitism of larvae and pupae was recorded. In contrast, egg batches were heavily parasitised. Parasitoid adults emerging from eggs were Trichogramma bournieri Pintureau and Babault only. The impact of T. bournieri on C. sacchariphagus eggs in Mozambique are presented, and the potential of using this parasitoid against C. sacchariphagus in an augmentation biocontrol programme is discussed. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : chilo sacchariphagus; trichogramma; saccharum officinarum; mozambique

Thématique : Ravageurs des plantes

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