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A review of the different concepts of multifunctionality and their evolution

Caron P. (ed.), Le Cotty T. (ed.). 2006. Antony : CEMAGREF, 179 p.. (Les Cahiers de la multifonctionnalité : Dispositif INRA-CEMAGREF-CIRAD, 10).

This issue of the Series on Multifunctionality is a compilation of 5 national literature reviews on the different concepts of multifunctionality, reflecting the geographical and scientific origins and genesis of the word. These reviews led in France, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Switzerland have been written in a way to show how different research streams provided the idea of multifunctionality with various contents, accounting for specific national contexts, scientific streams or research questions. The concept of multifunctionality is often implicitly connected to the concept of sustainable development, but works on multifunctionality rarely explicit the analytical links between the two ideas. This issue contributes to explicit relations between the two concepts, and the potential opportunity to look at multifunctionality as a way toward sustainability.

Mots-clés : politique agricole; recherche; méthode; europe; multifonctionnalité; concept


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