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Characterization of a core collection of sorghum core collection under 3 water regimes

Sine B., Chantereau J., Foncéka D., Rami J.F., Braconnier S.. 2005. In : 2nd International Conference on Integrated Approaches to Sustain and Improve Plant Production Under Drought Stress, Rome, Italy, September 24 -28, 2005. s.l. : s.n., 1 p.. InterDrought II. 2, 2005-09-04/2005-09-28, Rome (Italie).

Drought is one of the largest factors limiting yield of sorghum in semi-arid areas like in Senegal. With the improvement of farming techniques, identification and/or creation of varieties better adapted to drought could increase sorghum production in drought prone areas. Plant material used in selection and research programs, is usually from local provenance and has a low genetic diversity and limited performances under drought conditions. Thus, these work aim at evaluate agro-morphological characteristics of a core collection of 210 accessions issued from the world collection maintained at ICRISAT-Pantechuru, under three water regimes and screen varieties with contrasted responses to drought stress. Three experiments were conducted; one under non-limiting watering conditions (ETM), one with a water stress applied at pre-flowering stage (STRpre) and one with a stress at post-flowering stage (STRpost). Results show that, under any water regime, the core collection exhibits a large diversity of response, according to its genetic diversity. The core collection performs differently according to the water conditions. Indeed, production is nondependent of the vegetative growth parameters in ETM as well as in STRpre, but depends on them in the case of STRpost. Varieties presenting important difference of response from one stress treatment to the control were noted drought sensitive, while those presenting a stability of their parameters from stress to control were classified as adapted to drought. (Texte intégral)
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