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European market, September 2006 : indicators. Banana, avocado, orange, grapefruit, litchi, mango, pineapple, sea freight

Imbert E., Gerbaud P., Paqui T., Bright R.. 2006. Fruitrop (English ed.) (139) : p. 13-22.

Banana: The average price was distinctly lower than in 2005 but slightly above average. Supply was measured. Arrivals from Africa and the West Indies, losing ground, were respectively 7% and more than 20% below the three-year average. Likewise, exports from Ecuador to all destinations were slightly smaller than those of preceding years (strong increase in FOB price and freight cost) while those from Colombia continued to decrease. Domestic demand was fairly dull as is usual in September but the comparatively attractive retail prices and more numerous promotion operations played a positive role. In contrast, export business was fairly dull. Avocado: The 'Hass' market was very difficult during the first two-thirds of the month. Although arrivals were very limited, the range was particularly wide and quality often uneven because of the very large quantities of unsold Peruvian, South African and Chilean fruits carried over from August. Prices remained at rock bottom levels-below cost price-until the very end of the month. In this context, exports of green varieties went mainly to the markets in northern Europe. Orange: The market remained distinctly under-supplied. Firstly, deliveries from South Africa remained much smaller than normal while only very small stocks were available at the beginning of the month; this was particularly the case for sought-after sizes such as 72/88 (cumulated arrivals at the end of August were some 40% down on the two preceding years). Secondly, Argentinian shipments to the EU were nearly 30% smaller than the three-year average as exporters had favoured the Russian market. Prices climbed and were very firm. Grapefruit: Under-supply was distinctly less marked than in July and August but remained significant. Mexico was strongly present. Deliveries from the Yucatan were well up on those of previous years and were completed by the first exports of fruits from the Michoacán to the EU. South African shipments were also larger than average. However, deliveries from Honduras were probably slightly smaller than average and the Cuba harvest was delayed. In addition, no stocks were available at the beginning of the month and commercial channels were empty. As a result, prices remained stable and well above average throughout the month. Litchi: The Israeli litchi export season came to an end three weeks earlier than in 2005, leaving the European market to benefit from shipments from Spain only. The strong decrease in supplies favoured rare heights in the price of Spanish fruits in the absence of any competition. The shortage of produce became more acute in the second half of the month with the end of the season in Spain. Litchi should remain absent from the European market until the start of the Indian Ocean export season. Mango: Mango supplies to the European market in September was based on deliveries from Israel and Brazil, with the volumes from the latter increasing steadily and dominating those from Israel. Demand was fairly slow throughout the month and market releases were smaller, resulting in the maintaining of good prices, especially for fruits arriving by sea. Spain started its shipping campaign with produce midway between sea and air quality. The latter origin has undoubtedly profited from the limiting of shipments from Israel to consolidate the commercial niche initiated two years ago. The air mango market was more difficult, especially during the second half of the month. Pineapple: September was a fairly difficult month for operators on the pineapple market. Poor demand combined with an increase in volumes resulted in the forming of stocks that weighed strongly on the market and on prices. In general, the marketing of pineapple consisted mainly of the management of large stocks throughout the month. The situation was hardly any better on the air pineapple market as business decreased throughout the month. In contrast, although prices did not increase strongly, the situation of the 'Victoria' mark...

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