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2006-2007 citrus season forecasts : A record season

Imbert E.. 2006. Fruitrop (English ed.) (139) : p. 4-10.

The figures announced at the last annual meeting of the CLAM (Mediterranean Citrus Liaison Committee) indicate record Mediterranean production of easy peelers, orange and lemon in 2005-2006. This abundance is not a surprise as the considerable spread of orchards in recent years in countries such as Spain, Turkey and Egypt. It is true that the Eastern European market and possibly the Asian market-on a more long term basis-form substantial potential for the development of consumption. It is true that the quality of production is making progress, especially in Spain where the range of easy peelers and oranges is updated continuously in favour of improved varieties. However, over-production is observed. After two disastrous seasons in a row, Spain has set up an emergency plan and measures are awaited in other countries that are less well structured.

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