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Urban horticulture

Tixier P., De Bon H.. 2006. Cavite : IIRR, p. 316-337.

Although crops have always been grown inside the city, urban horticulture is expanding and gaining more attention recently. Horticultural products include a large variety of vegetables, cereals, flowers, and trees. Vegetable production provides regular and high incomes to the various actors in the commodity chain and provides food to urban dwellers. Many specific techniques have been developed or adapted specifically for urban areas. If well managed, urban horticulture can play an important role in reducing socio-economic and environmental problems in cities. Urban authorities shoud collaborate with urban producers to strengthen the role of urban horticulture in waste recycling, community building and creating sustainable food systems.

Mots-clés : horticulture; agriculture urbaine; culture fruitière; légume; plante ornementale; offre et demande; consommation; travail; ressource naturelle; pollution; environnement; pratique culturale; système d'exploitation agricole; système de production

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