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Coconut pests in South Asia - South Pacific and pest risk analysis : [Abstract]

Ollivier L.. 2006. In : Adkins Steve W. (ed.), Foale M.A. (ed.), Samosir Yohannes M.S. (ed.). Coconut revival : new possibilities for the tree of life : Proceedings of the International Coconut Forum held in Cairns, Australia, 22-24 November 2005. Canberra : ACIAR, p. 100-100. (ACIAR Proceedings Series, 125). International Coconut Forum, 2005-11-22/2005-11-24, Cairns (Australie).

The movement and transfer of coconut (Cocos nucifera) and associated plant parts and products from production areas into Australia necessitates assessment of the risks of associated introductions of coconut pests. Insect pests of coconut in South Asia and the South Pacific that may pose a threat to coconut palms in Australia are presented, together with their regional importance. The two rhinoceros beetles Oryctes rhinoceros and Scapanes australis tunnel through the unopened leaves. If the apical meristem is destroyed the palm dies. Both these pests are not yet present in Australia but occur respectively in South-East Asia and/or the Pacific, and have important economic impacts on coconut production in these locations. The greater coconut spike moth Tirathaba rufivena and the coconut scale Aspidiotus destructor are widely distributed across the world's coconut plantations and their populations are still spreading into new areas and causing economic damage. The coconut leaf beetle Brontispa longissima and the coconut whitefly Aleurodicus destructor have been locally recorded in Australia and need to be controlled to avoid further spread. The life stages and life cycle of these species are described along with the potential risks of them invading, establishing, spreading and causing economic impacts. Appropriate management options to reduce these risks are discussed. (Texte intégral)

Mots-clés : cocos nucifera; oryctes rhinoceros; insecte nuisible; risque; cycle de développement; aspidiotus; aleurodicus; pacifique sud; asie du sud; australie; tirathaba rufivena; scapanes australis; aspidiotus destructor

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