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SEAMLESS System for Environmental and Agricultural Modelling; Linking European Science and Society. The major characteristics of scenarios and agricultural systems to be studied in Test case 1

Perez I., Wery J., Heckelei T., Bergez J.E., Leenhardt D., Thenard V., Rapidel B., Bazile D., Coulibaly M., Majewski E., Bigot G., Josien E.. 2005. Wageningen : SEAMLESS, 86 p..

In order to test and improve the SEAMLESS Integrated Framework and its components two Test cases have been identified and are considered as representative of the types of questions that SEAMLESS-IF is designed to address, combining top or bottom driven issues with economic or environmentally driven issues. The objective of this deliverable is to describe the major characteristics of scenarios and systems which will form the basis of Test case 1 which is mainly driven by economic policies. We first describe the major characteristics of the baseline scenario (implementation of CAP reform until 2013) and of the policy scenario based on WTO negotiations. These scenario will be applied at EU level (not described here) and on specific agricultural regions in EU (two in France, one in Poland) and in a developing country (Mali). The description of these agricultural systems and of their major types of farms, based on a system approach, is presented in this document and illustrated in more details in its four appendix (one per region) using a system approach. This deliverable is to be used as working document to develop practical examples of questions and systems to be addressed in the IP and particularly in Test case 1.

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