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Cotton technology: Quality at every stage

Gawrysiak G., Bachelier B., Dessauw D., Favreau B., Forestier-Chiron N., Francalanci P., Frydrych R., Gourlot J.P., Guillemain H., Lapeyre M.E., Lassus S., Lecomte J., Marquié C., Morel G., Nieweadomski J.C., Vialle M.. 2006. In : Cotton showcased at Cirad. Montpellier : CIRAD-CA, 2 p..

Cotton has been utilized by humans for over 8 000 years and was the first textile crop. Comprehensive knowledge on the intrinsic properties of cotton fibre has secured the success of today's cotton lint and yarn trade. The CIRAD Cotton Technology Laboratory is conducting research on cotton product (seed cotton, cottonseed and fibre) quality criteria, and is investigating all possible ways of effectively promoting this quality, through classification and standardization systems and innovative uses or devices.
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