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Cotton and livestock farming in African savanna regions: Competition of synergy?

Dugué P., Vall E., Poccard Chapuis R.. 2006. In : Cotton showcased at Cirad. Montpellier : CIRAD-CA, 2 p..

Sub-Saharan savanna regions suitable for cotton growing are gradually turning into livestock rangelands. Cattle herds have been increasing in these areas since the severe droughts that affected the Sahelian region in 1973 and 1984-many Fulani herders have migrated there with their herds along with farmers who grow cotton in newly cleared areas. Land clearing has reduced populations of tsetse flies, the main vector of animal trypanosomiasis, which is a major constraint to livestock farming in these Sudanian savanna regions. In this setting, CIRAD and partners are striving to enhance the productivity of these production systems and the integration of livestock farming in agricultural areas.
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