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Microsatellite diversity in tetraploid Gossypium germplasm : assembling a highly informative genotyping set of cotton SSRs

Lacape J.M., Dessauw D., Rajab M., Noyer J.L., Hau B.. 2007. Molecular Breeding, 19 (1) : p. 45-58.

DOI: 10.1007/s11032-006-9042-1

A series of 320 mapped simple sequence repeats (SSRs) have been used to screen the allelic diversity of tetraploid Gossypium species. Fourty-seven genotypes were analyzed representing (i) the wide spectrum of diversity of the cultivated pool and of the primitive landraces of species G. hirsutum ('marie-galante', 'punctatum', 'richmondi', 'morrilli', 'palmeri', and 'latifolium', and 'yucatanense'), and (ii) species G. barbadense, G. darwinii and G. tomentosum. The polymorphism of 201 SSR loci revealed 1128 allelic variants ranging from 3 to 17 per locus. Neighbor-joining (NJ) method based on genetic dissimilarities produced groupings consistent with the assignments of accessions both at species and at race level. Our data confirmed the proximity of the Galapagos endemic species G. darwinii to species G. barbadense. Within species G. hirsutum, and as compared to the other 6 races, race yucatanense appeared as the most distant from cultivated genotypes. Race yucatanense also exhibited the highest number of unique alleles. The important informative heterogeneity of the 201 SSR loci was exploited to select the most polymorphic ones that were assembled into three series of genome-wide (i.e. each homoeologous AD chromosome pair being equally represented) and mutliplexable (× 3) SSRs. Using one of these 'genotyping set', consisting of 39 SSRs (one 3-plex for each of the 13 AD chromosomes pairs) or 45 loci, we were able to assess the relationships between accessions and the topology in the genetic diversity sampled. Such genotyping set of highly informative SSR markers assembled in PCR-multiplex, while increasing genotyping throughput, will be applicable for molecular genetic diversity studies of large germplasm collections.

Mots-clés : gossypium; microsatellite; marqueur génétique; séquence nucléotidique; tétraploïdie; génotype; variation génétique; germplasm; polymorphisme génétique; ssr

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