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Relationship between basic density and growth in a fertilization trial with clones of eucalyptus hybrids in Congo

Vigneron P., Gérard J., Bouvet J.M.. 1995. In : Potts B.M. (ed.), Borralho Nuno (ed.), Reid J.B. (ed.), Cromer R.N. (ed.), Tibbits W.N. (ed.), Raymond C.A. (ed.). Eucalypt plantations: improving fibre yield and quality : Proceedings of CRCTHF-IUFRO Conference, 19-24 February, 1995, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Hobart : CRCTHF, p. 68-72. CRTHF-IUFRO Conference, 1995-02-19/1995-02-24, Hobart (Australie).

The relationship between growth and basic density was studied in a fertilization trial using four clones in poor soils in the coastal savannas of Congo. Fertilization lead to a joint increase of both volume and density. This can be explained by the analysis of radial variation of basic density. Whatever the reason, fertilization can only improve the productivity of pulp producing plantations.

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