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Analysis of 13000 unique Citrus clusters associated with fruit quality, production and salinity tolerance

Terol J.F., Conesa A., Colmenero J.M., Cercos M., Tadeo F., Agusti J., Alos E., Andres F., Soler G., Brumos J., Iglesias D., Götz S., Legaz F., Argout X., Courtois B., Ollitrault P., Dossat C., Wincker P., Morillon R., Talon M.. 2007. BMC Genomics, 8 (31).

DOI: 10.1186/1471-2164-8-31

A normalized full length and 9 standard cDNA libraries were generated, representing particular treatments and tissues from selected varieties (Citrus clementina and C. sinensis) and rootstocks (C. reshni, and C. sinenis x Poncirus trifoliata) differing in fruit quality, resistance to abscission, and tolerance to salinity. The goal of this work was to provide a large expressed sequence tag (EST) collection enriched with transcripts related to these well appreciated agronomical traits. Towards this end, more than 54000 ESTs derived from these libraries were analyzed and annotated. Assembly of 52626 useful sequences generated 15664 putative transcription units distributed in 7120 contigs, and 8544 singletons. BLAST annotation produced significant hits for more than 80% of the hypothetical transcription units and suggested that 647 of these might be Citrus specific unigenes. The unigene set, composed of ~13000 putative different transcripts, including more than 5000 novel Citrus genes, was assigned with putative functions based on similarity, GO annotations and protein domains.

Mots-clés : citrus; séquence nucléotidique; fruit; qualité; tolérance au sel; marqueur génétique; génotype; identification; citrus sinensis; adn; gène; citrus reshni; cluster

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