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Dinâmicas territoriais e trajetorias de desenvolvimento local : relfelxoes a partir de experiências no Nordeste Brasilieiro

Sabourin E., Caron P., Tonneau J.P.. 2005. Raízes - Revista de Ciências Sociais e Econômicas, 24 (1-2) : p. 23-31.

The local diverse territories are the result of changes and history which are socially constructed. The study of local development trajectories at the level of rural communities or municipalities underline the time dimension of the transformation processes. To use a graphical representation - "chorèmes" graphics (which means a framed representation of a spatial phenomenon) allow to integrate diverse organization's levels. The method used in the Northeast allows the development of a regional model of evolution for the local spaces based on the comparative analysis of local studies and exercises of local planning. Based on these works, this article aims a critical analysis of the interactions between the timing and spatial dimensions. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : communauté rurale; politique de développement; méthode; histoire; développement régional; analyse de données; changement social; développement de la communauté; brésil; nordeste; développement territorial

Thématique : Economie et politique du développement; Sociologie rurale et sécurité sociale

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