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Côte d'Ivoire : [2005]

Losch B.. 2006. In : Mehler Andreas (ed.), Melber Henning (ed.), van Walraven Klass (ed.). Africa yearbook 2005 : politics, economy and society South of the Sahara. Leyde : Brill, p. 65-74. (Africa Yearbook, 2).

The year 2005 presented the same dreadful scenario for Côte d'Ivoire as the previous two years - deep political crisis and upheaval, punctuated by violent escalations and the ever present risk of deterioration into open war. Politics were focused on the presidential election planned for 31 October, which was supposed to bring to a close the worst period in Côte d'Ivoire's history and end the interlude of constitutional paralysis that had started with the Marcoussis agreement signed in France in January 2003. Yet all discussions faltered over the same issues, particularly the reform of article 35 of the constitution concerning eligibility for the presidency and the disarmament of the 'rebels' in the northern part of the country and the pro-Gbagbo militias and 'patriots' in the south. As none of the political camps would agree to take the first step, the political pressure increased with each passing month, aggravated by provocations, violence (mainly in the western region) and continuing new developments in response to the deep involvement of the international community. Everybody expected the worst as the election date drew near. Finally, all factions accepted the suggestion of the international community of another transitional year during which the elections would be organised, with no restrictions on potential candidates, and a new prime minister would take office with extra powers to enforce disarmament and restore territorial integrity and the rule of law. New prime minister and government were appointed under direct international pressure just before year's end.

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