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Ethiopian coffee genetic resources database. User's manual version v.1

Labouisse J.P.. 2006. Montpellier : CIRAD, 18 p..

This manual is intended for researchers who want to get information on the coffee germplasm conserved in JARC genebank. The "Accessions" module displays the passport data, the collection data (site, sample status, sample plant description) and the place of conservation of more than 5000 accessions. The "Collections" module gives information about the collections done in Ethiopia and the germplasm introduced from foreign countries. The "Conservation sites" module gives information about the centers, sub-centers and testing sites where the germplasm is conserved and evaluated. The "Data Reports" module gives an overview of the database (number of collected and conserved accessions, accessions per conservation site, per geographical origin, list of conservation fields, list of introductions, etc.). The "Queries" module (under construction) will permit to select the accessions according to specific criterion(a). For a better understanding of the terms used in this manual, a glossary is attached at the end. This database is still under construction and can be improved with the help of everyone. The changes in the content and in the structure of the database can only be done by the system manager who centralizes suggestions, corrections and update the information (entry of new accessions, of new field planting, etc.).
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