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Local ecological knowledge and practice : an original approach in France

Bérard L., Cegarra M., Djama M., Louafi S., Marchenay P., Roussel B., Verdeaux F.. 2005. Paris : IDDRI, 40 p.. (Les notes de l'IDDRI, 8).

Local ecological knowledge and know-how play a central role in the negotiations on the Convention on Biological Diversity. Here the authors present and analyze the specific characteristics of the French approach on the subject: the concepts of terroir and heritage, a reinterpretation of indigenousness, and diverse forms of conservation; all of these are often tied to enhancing the status of products via the market.

Mots-clés : groupe social; valeur culturelle; connaissance indigène; conservation des ressources; conservation de la nature; réserve naturelle; provenance; appellation d'origine; certification; france


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