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Water-condition effects on rhizobia competition for cowpea nodule occupancy

Krasova-Wade T., Diouf O., Ndoye I., Sall C.E., Braconnier S., Neyra M.. 2006. African Journal of Biotechnology, 5 (16) : p. 1457-1463.

Two indigenous bradyrhizobia strains displaying different natural behaviours towards water regime (strain ORS 3257, nodulating more frequently in favourable-water conditions and strain ORS 3260, in limited-water conditions) were studied for their competitivity for nodulation of cowpea (Mouride cultivar) under favourable and limited water conditions in non-sterile soil. The nodule occupancy was studied by PCR-RFLP analysis. Both strains showed good competition with other indigenous rhizobia populations under favourable- and limited-water conditions. Competition between the inoculated strains in the mixture varied between water regimes. In non-limited-water conditions, strain ORS 3257 was the best competitor, whereas in limited-water conditions, strain ORS 3260 was the best competitor. Results indicated that screening of strains according to their environmental origin could ensure successful rhizobia Inoculation.

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