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Soft or hard linking with cost functions from other models: Trials and proposals for a European integrated sink enhancement assessment : Final report for WP 5700

Dorin B.. 2006. Montpellier : CIRAD, 53 p..

This report summarizes the lessons drawn and the results obtained by the CIRAD during the INSEA project (2004-2006). These results are rather far from the ones expected: the development of AGRIPOL has to be put aside after one year of various meetings and parallel researches (2004) since it emerged that neither INSEA partners, nor other European organisations, would be able to deliver the key data for running the model: techno-economical information on current and potential agricultural practises. However, from this lesson came out another one: AGRIPOL could hardly run in Europe as elsewhere without an engineering cost model able to assess values missing either for the current technical packages, or for these packages after a rise of the fossil fuel price for example, or for packages not yet adopted but potentially profitable in future. While other INSEA partners were also realising the usefulness of such a tool (EU-FASOM, EFEM, AROPAJ, EPIC...), the CIRAD built it during the second half of the project, and it became the main contribution of CIRAD to INSEA. This report will therefore devote most of its pages to present this engineering cost model (see chapter 2 on "AGROPOL"), after a first chapter on AGRIPOL's configuration, results and current limitations for a European Integrated Sink Enhancement Assessment.

Mots-clés : agriculture; foresterie; impact sur l'environnement; traitement des données; modèle de simulation; bien public

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