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Genetic diversity in Coffea genus using microsatellites Loci

Cubry P., Pot D., De Bellis F., Musoli C.P., Aluka P., Legnaté H., Dufour M., Leroy T.. 2007. In : 21st International Conference on Coffee Science, Montpellier (France), 11th - 15th September 2006. Montpellier : ASIC, p. 916-921. Colloque Scientifique International sur le Café. 21, 2006-09-11/2006-09-15, Montpellier (France).

The objective of this study was to precise the known diversity in this genus with a whole genome coverage microsatellite set. Microsatellites markers derived from three different origins (SSR enriched library, gene sequences and BAC library?) were applied to a set of 45 individuals representing 20 species. The aim of this work was to validate with a large set of microsatellites previous diversity studies made with other markers (RFLP, isozymes) and to relocate the genetic diversity of C. canephora in a global context. Our results clearly validate the previously described geographic groups of the Coffea genus. Considering the rapid evolution of microsatellites, the genome organisation and the origin of the C. Arabica genome is discussed. Moreover, the interspecific transferability of microsatellites defined on a specific species was very good. The focus made on several species allowed us to make some comparisons on several genetic parameters e.g. PIC and mean number of alleles. The results and the future work on the basis of this set of markers and individuals are discussed.

Mots-clés : coffea; coffea canephora; variation génétique; microsatellite; génome; marqueur génétique; rflp; isoenzyme; provenance; séquence nucléotidique; banque de gènes; biologie moléculaire; chromosome artificiel; bac

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