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Pig production development animal-waste management and environment protection : a case study in Thai Binh province, Northern Vietnam

Porphyre V. (ed.), Nguyen Que Coi (ed.). 2006. Hanoï : PRISE, 224 p..

This book explores the outstanding issues in agricultural development and its environmental externalities in one province of Northern Vietnam. Its coverage of agricultural issues ranges from the details of on-farm management practices issues to the balances of nutrients at regional level and the perception of the society to suggest alternative strategies. The book brings together the background issues and findings to guide researchers and policymakers in their domestic policies on agriculture and livestock considering environmental protection. The book also explores the key questions for global agricultural policies, both the impacts of current development policies and the regional implication on environment. Detailed version of the 11 chapters : Cover. Index. 1. An introduction about sustainable pig production in Vietnam. 2. General context of a dynamic agricultural sector in the Red River delta. 3. Using multi-temporal satellite images to evaluate the changes of vegetation index of land cover in Thai Binh province. 4. Stakeholders' perception on pig manure management in Thai Binh province. 5. Pig farms classification regarding environmental risk and their internal use of pig manure. 6. Local fish farming practices and a typology of farms based on organic matter intake management. 7. Composition of animal manure and co-products. 8. Farmers practices in organic and inorganic fertilization on crops, trees and vegetables. 9. Economic appraisal of animal manure considered as a commodity. 10. Adequacy between the production of farm fertilizers and their potential use to fertilize crops and fish farm ponds. 11. outlook for an integrated sustainable development of pig production in Red River. The CD-Rom contains detailed supplementary tables, maps, appendixes and background reading recommended by the authors.

Thématique : Alimentation animale; Physiologie animale : croissance et développement; Traitement des produits agricoles non alimentaires; Traitement des déchets agricoles


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