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Spatial and institutional organization of vegetable market in Hanoi

Hoang Bang An, Vagneron I., Le Nhu Thinh, Dang Dinh Dam, Le Thuy Hang, Trinh Quang Thoai, Moustier P.. 2003. Hanoï : RIFAV, 57 p..

The main idea of the second module of the SUSPER project - "Market development of Periurban food commodities" - is to provide a more accurate picture of the spatial and institutional organization of vegetable markets. It is essential to enhance our understanding of how markets function over the year. By understanding this we can achieve such objectives as helping harmonise peri-urban production with urban consumption in terms of quality, quantity and regularity. Additionally we can determine how information can be efficiently spread among the actors of the market in order to reach as many people as possible. In this perspective, a study of the organization of the vegetable marketing chain was carried out throughout 2002. A survey, carried out in various seasons, focused on such issues as: (1) seasonal variations in the origin, price and amount of vegetable sold in Hanoi. (2) The identity and the distribution of responsibilities among the different actors involved in fresh vegetable markets and (3) mapping out vegetable flows between Hanoi and the surrounding areas.

Mots-clés : marché; organisation socioéconomique; culture maraîchère; zone périurbaine; viet nam

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