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Influence of some physiological parameters on the response to visual stimuli and olfactory stimuli in Ceratitis capitata females

Quilici S., Nergel L., Franck A.. 2004. In : Proceedings of the 10th International Society of Citriculture Congress. Agadir (Morocco), 15-20 février 2004. Riverside : ISC, p. 966-969. Congress of the International Society of Citriculture. 10, 2004-02-15/2004-02-20, Agadir (Maroc).

We investigated the effect of food regime, mating status and ovarian maturation on the response to visual and olfactory stimuli of Ceratitis capitata females. The relative attractiveness of various colours has been assessed with flat rectangular coloured devices. Among the eight colours tested, a strong preference was observed for yellow rectangles, followed by green ones white the physiological parameters studied had no noticeable influence on female choice. The interaction of visual and olfactory stimuli was evaluated using coloured spheres of attractive (yellow) or unattractive (blue) colour, combined or not with two types of olfactory stimuli. In our experimental conditions, visual stimuli strongly dominated olfactory stimuli. While mating status didn't affect female choice, food regime and ovarian development did influence female responses.
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