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Controlling Sufetula spp : A coconut insect pest on peat soils

Bonneau X., Husni M., Beaudoin-Ollivier L., Joko Susilo. 2007. Experimental Agriculture, 43 (3) : p. 289-299.

DOI: 10.1017/S0014479707005017

We demonstrated experimentally that Sufetula, a root-mining insect, has a depressive effect on coconut yields on peat soils. The impact of the pest resulted in a shortfall in earnings that warranted taking control measures. We considered control methods suitable for rehabilitating infested mature coconut plantings and for preserving young coconut plantings. Currently, cultural control is the only effective method. It involves eliminating all identified shelters for the adult insect, i.e. fern cover and heaps of coconut waste (dry fronds and husks). The aim is to achieve totally bare soil, with moss cover that does not attract the pest, or planted with an unattractive intercrop such as pineapple.

Mots-clés : ravageur des plantes; cocos nucifera; lepidoptera; méthode de lutte; lutte anti-insecte; sol tourbeux; sufetula

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