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Determination of biochemistry composition of cocoa powder using near infrared spectroscopy

Davrieux F., Boulanger R., Assemat S., Portillo E., Alvarez C., Sukha D.A., Cros E.. 2007. In : SFC. Proceedings of Euro Food Chem XIV : Food quality, an issue of molecule based science, Paris, 29-31 August 2007. Paris : SFC, p. 463-466. International Conference Euro Food Chem on Chemistry of food, molecular gastronomy and chemistry of food processing. 14, 2007-08-29/2007-08-31, Paris (France).

The biochemical composition of cocoa powder can be connected to quality characterization. However, analysis of biochemical components is generally carried out following long extraction protocol and requiring the use of great quantity of solvents depending of the compounds analysed. In order to limit these inconvenient, we developed models by near infrared spectrometry to determine quantity of certain components of cocoa powder. This technique is a fast and non destructive tool which makes possible to work in complex matrix after having built up a representative data base.

Mots-clés : cacao en poudre; composition chimique; spectroscopie infrarouge; qualité

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