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Innovative collective actions to provide public/private services to farmers' organizations in the coffee sector: A theoritical background

Saenz-Segura F., Le Coq J.F., Arce-Alvarado R., Alonso-Ubieta S.. 2007. In : Second International Symposium on Multi-Strata agroforestry systems with perennial crops: Making ecosystem services count for farmers, consumers and the environment, September 17-21, 2007 Turrialba, Costa Rica. Oral and posters presentations. Turrialba : CATIE, 4 p.. International Symposium on Multi-Strata Agroforestry Systems with Perennial Crops: Making Ecosystem Services Count for Farmers, Consumers and the Environment. 2, 2007-09-17/2007-09-21, Turrialba (Costa Rica).

Collective actions among smallholders in developing countries are required to provide an innovative supply of services and gain a better chain integration to dynamic markets. With the development of coffee market segmentation through quality signs put in place by downstream actors of the coffee commodity chain, coffee producers and their organizations nowadays have not only to fulfill the usual market requirements in terms of product uniformity, volume, regularity and frequency of deliveries, but also to fulfill new requirements in term of production and product processing practices. To face those new challenges of adaptation, innovative forms of services to producers and their organizations are needed. Based on a literature review in the fields of economy and sociology of organizations, this communication aims at proposing a theoretical framework and empirical tools: (1) to analyze the conditions of emergence of innovative public/private mechanisms for service provision; and (2) to evaluate the results of these service provision systems dedicated to producers and their organizations in the coffee sector.
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