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JogoMan : a prototype using multi-agent-based simulation and role-playing games in water management : [Preprint]

Adamatti D.F., Sichman J.S., Rabak C., Bommel P., Ducrot R., Camargo M.E.. 2005. In : CABM-HEMA. Conference on Multi-agent modelling for environmental management, Bourg Saint Maurice - Les Arcs, France, 21-25 mars 2005. s.l. : s.n., 18 p.. Colloque CABM-HEMA-SMAGET 2005, 2005-03-21/2005-03-25, Bourg-Saint-Maurice (France).

JogoMan is a simplification of the real phenomena of interaction between the several actors, and it is used as a means of learning (environment education) and analysis. This prototype involves, specifically, land and water management problems in different cities with urbanization pressure, in order to better understand the problems in the scope of the Negowat Project. The focus of this paper is to present all the steps carried on to develop this prototype: UML model, Cormas implementation (some scenarios) and result analysis. In JogoMan, players decide their actions, during a RPG session, and MABS processes these actions. This paper is organized in 7 sections. In Section 2, Peri-Urban Catchments are briefly presented. In Sections 3 and 4, we show a brief review about RPG and MABS, respectively. In section 5 the use of RPG and MABS in water management is described. Section 6 presents how we structure our prototype, JogoMan, as well as the first preliminary results of its use. Finally, conclusions are presented in Section 7.

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