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Modelación y simulación en ganadería: Arapey, un modelo didáctico

Morales H., Bommel P., Tourrand J.F.. 2006. In : Seminario de Discusion Tecnica "La variabilidad climática y el funcionamiento de los sistemas ganadero", Monevideo, Urugay, 27 de Abril de 2006. s.l. : s.n., 14 p.. Seminario de Discusion Tecnica "La variabilidad Climática y el Funcionamiento de los Sistemas Ganaderos", 2006-04-27, (Uruguay).

Cattle production in Uruguay has been important even before the settlement of Europeans in the XVIII century. Nowadays, the industry faces new challenges and institutions must adapt themselves in order to facilitate learning and adaptation. The difficulties are that we face complex systems, that there are many points of view and a growing group of stakeholders. To cope with these problems it is important to develop whole farm models. One of the difficulties is our ignorance of the fundamental processes ongoing within the farm household. In order to deal with this problem we have developed a multi agent system, named Arapey, that mimics the evolution of different kind of livestock farmers in the last thirty five years. The differences among the livestock farmers are their financial and stocking rate strategies. There are some unexpected results. We have presented it to many livestock farmers and to other persons related to the livestock industry, to test if we can accept that the model proposes new interesting aspects of farm management. Our experience let us suggest that multi agent systems are able to propose new insights which could act supporting private or collective action.

Mots-clés : aide à la décision; Élevage; modèle de simulation; système multiagents

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