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Avocado : close-up fruitrop

Imbert E.. 2007. Fruitrop (English ed.) (148) : p. 7-40.

The world avocado trade is expanding strongly. According to estimates by our Market News Service based on customs statistics for the three largest markets in the world (the USA, the EU and Japan) and FAO data, international trade increased from some 420 000 t in 2003-2004 to 650 000 t in 2006-2007, that is to say an increase of 230 000 t in three seasons and a record 16% annual growth rate. It is not a surprise that the figure shows that the United States is still the main driving force behind this growth. It seems that the exemplary efforts made by all the stake-holders on the US market to unite and develop joint tools for the management of supply and the development of consumption have continued to give positive results. The European market also seems to have shown signs of growth, at least in some countries. The setting up of promotion campaigns and the broader availability of perfectly ripe fruits in the United Kingdom and Scandinavia have had a marked impact on consumption. Israel and the new South American supplier countries, Chile and Peru, have gained a record position on the EU market. They are the main players in this growth.

Mots-clés : avocat; persea americana; marché mondial; commerce international; donnée de production; exportation; importation; pratique culturale; variété; technologie après récolte; union européenne; israël; europe; espagne; chili; États-unis

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