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Diffusion of modern irrigation technologies in Reunion Island : An evolutionary approach

Richefort L., Farolfi S., Fusillier J.L.. 2007. In : The Centre for Sutainable Design. Towards Sustainable Product Design: 12th International Conference, 29-30 October 2007. s.l. : s.n., p. 164-174. International Conference on Towards Sustainable Product Design. 12, 2007-10-29/2007-10-30, Surrey (Royaume-Uni).

We develop an evolutionary economics framework designed to assess the diffusion and adoption processes of modern, water-saving, irrigation technologies among heterogeneous farmers over time. This framework is evaluated using a survey on 114 farms located in Reunion Island, France. We show that the technological trajectory for irrigation equipment is related with a shift in the technological paradigm from water resource saving consideration to farm's profitability in a context of economic crisis for agriculture. We also show that the diffusion of the new drip irrigation technology could not only be triggered by economic incentives as subsidies. The fleeting expansion of drip irrigation seems due to a lack of institutional support in training and promoting efficient management tools.

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