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Influence of site characteristics on fish community of patterns in French reservoirs

Irz P., Laurent A., Messad S., Pronier O., Argillier C.. 2002. Ecology of Freshwater Fish, 11 : p. 123-136.

DOI: 10.1034/j.1600-0633.2002.00004.x

The objectives of this paper are to describe the fish assemblages in French reservoirs and to relate them to the sites' characteristics. The results of 43 fishing surveys were collected and completed with environmental descriptors. Fish assemblages differ between salmonids-dominated mountain sites and lowland ones. The latter show higher species diversity and a distinction between rheophilic- and limnophilic-type communities. This distinction can be explained by the reservoir age, location in the catchment and depth. The response of fish communities to these variables was investigated by canonical correspondence analysis. It shows that rheophilic species are typically abundant in upper basin, deep and recently created reservoirs. The fish community response to the aging process corresponds to an addition of lowland standing waters species and an extinction of the native riverine ones. The structuring role of the sites' depth, location and age is discussed, considering their relationship with the water body trophic status.

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