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The generation challenge programme comparative plant stress-responsive gene catalogue

Wanchana S., Thongjuea S., Jun Ulat V., Anacleto M., Mauleon R.P., Conte M., Rouard M., Ruiz M., Krishnamurthy N., Sjolander K., Van Hintum T., Bruskiewich R.. 2008. Nucleic Acids Research, 36 : p. 943-946.

The Generation Challenge Programme (GCP; has developed an online resource documenting stress-responsive genes comparatively across plant species. This public resource is a compendium of protein families, phylogenetic trees, multiple sequence alignments (MSA) and associated experimental evidence. The central objective of this resource is to elucidate orthologous and paralogous relationships between plant genes that may be involved in response to environmental stress, mainly abiotic stresses such as water deficit (¿drought¿). The web-based graphical user interface (GUI) of the resource includes query and visualization tools that allow diverse searches and browsing of the underlying project database. The web interface can be accessed at (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : séquence nucléotidique; phylogénie; protéine végétale; banque de données; facteur du milieu; expression des gènes; génie génétique; stress; plante

Thématique : Génétique et amélioration des plantes; Documentation et information

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