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Genetic and morphometric evidence for population isolation of Glossina palpalis gambiensis (Diptera : Glossinidae) on the Loos Islands, Guinea

Camara M., Caro-Riano H., Ravel S., Dujardin J.P., Hervouët J.P., De Meeus T., Kagbadouno M.S., Bouyer J., Solano P.. 2006. Journal of Medical Entomology, 43 (5) : p. 853-860.

DOI: 10.1093/jmedent/43.5.853

Allele frequencies at four microsatellite loci, and morphometrie features based on 11 wing landmarks, were compared among three populations of Glussina palpalis gambiensis (Diptera: Clossinidae) in Guinea. One population originated from the Loos islands separated from the capital Conakry by 5 km of sea, and the two others originated from the continental mangrove area close to Dubreka, these two groups being separated by =:3< km. Microsatellites and wing geometry data both converged to the idea of a separation of the Loos island population from those of the mangrove area. Although occasional contacts cannot be excluded. our results support the hypothesis of the Loos population of tsetse flies being a completely isolated population. This situation will fn or a sequenced intervention against human African trypanosomosis and the possibility of an elimination of tsetse from this island.

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