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Inter fiber frictional model

Nowrouzieh S., Sinoimeri A., Dréan J.Y., Frydrych R., Gourlot J.P.. 2007. Research Journal of Textile and Apparel, 11 (4) : p. 64-70.

One of the effective forces in the textile process is friction. A new and simple device is developed in order to quantify the friction forces during a quasi-static fibre slippage in sliver. The device is composed of two identical clamps, one of which is fixed and the other moving through a linear guide. A piece of sliver was maintained under controlled pressure in the zero gage position of the two clamps. The frictional force during the fibre slippage in the sliver was measured using three different speeds, eight different normal loads and three different sliver counts. Five replications were preceded for each factorial combination. In general, the frictional force increased with the speed, but the analysis of variance of the data indicated that the effect was not significant, whereas the effect of the normal load on frictional force was positive and highly significant. A statistic model based on these results is proposed with respect to sliver count and normal load. Following this model, the effects of the normal load and sliver count on the frictional force were not linear.

Mots-clés : fibre textile; fibre végétale; coton; modèle mathématique; propriété technologique; mesure; friction; fibre de coton

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