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Molecular analysis of a full-length sequence of a new yam badnavirus from Dioscorea sansibarensis

Seal S.E., Muller E.. 2007. Archives of Virology, 152 (4) : p. 819-825.

DOI: 10.1007/s00705-006-0888-7

Badnavirus-like particles were observed by ISEM in viral preparations from yam (Dioscorea sansibarensis) leaves from Benin. Use of the viral preparation as template for PCR amplification with badnavirus-specific primers gave rise to a 579-bp product with most nucleotide identity (70.8%) to Dioscorea alata bacilliform virus (DaBV, Accession numbers X94575-X94582), the only other yam badnavirus sequenced to date. A full-length badnavirus sequence was generated, which consisted of 7261 nucleotides with a typical Badnavirus genome organisation. The full-length sequence shared most identity (61.9%) to DaBV (Accession numbers X94575-X94582) and hence represents a member of a new badnavirus species termed Dioscorea sansibarensis bacilliform virus (DsBV).

Mots-clés : dioscorea; virus des végétaux; identification; pcr; séquence nucléotidique; badnavirus

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