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Servicios ecosistémicos e hidroelectricidad en Nicaragua

Leguia Hidalgo E.J., Locatelli B., Imbach P., Alpizar F., Vignola R., Perez C.. 2007. Recursos Naturales y Ambiente (51-52) : p. 40-47.

The objective of this work was to identify forests that provide ES for the hydroelectric sector in Nicaragua, where the implementation of hydropower plants is getting stronger. The methodological framework considers vulnerability criteria at the watershed level, location and future power potential (MW) of hydroelectric plants, as well as land uses and their capacity to produce ES. The areas located in the upper watersheds of relevant hydroelectric projects are very sensible to climatic events; that gives evidence of the need to reduce hydropower sector's vulnerability, for example, through a better watershed and forest ecosystems management. Approximately 8,300 km2 of forest ecosystems and 1,425 km2 of perennial crops located in upper watersheds are considered of high and very high importance for hydroelectric power projects or plants. Additionally, less than 10% of forest ecosystems providing ES for hydroelectricity are within protected areas. The results confirm the need for ES users to get involved in forest management to improve the adaptive capacity in important areas to guarantee the ES flow in the future.

Mots-clés : forêt tropicale; Écosystème; Énergie hydraulique; production énergétique; politique énergétique; Électricité; politique de l'environnement; nicaragua; service environnemental

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