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Importancia de la absorción del potasio, calcio y cloro en el manejo de la fertilización potásica : La experiencia de Indupalma S.A. en la zona de San Alberto = Importance of potassium, calcium and chlorine absorption in the management of potassium fertilization

Amparo Escobar Sepulveda G., Dubos B.. 2007. Palmas, 28 (1) : p. 446-448.

The Indupalma plantation in San Alberto carried out different test since 1963 to study the responses of KCI and NaCl applications in oil palm crops with dosages of up to 10 kg/palm. The tests results were used to define fertilization tables by industrial plots. Interesting production responses to KCl were frequently observed, however the nutrition behavior analysis and the relationship among K, Ca and Cl were somewhat different according to the test location and to soil characteristics. It is necessary to take into account the fertilization level of the different sectors for the use of the fertilizer's drill bit. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : elaeis guineensis; colombie

Thématique : Fertilisation; Physiologie végétale : nutrition

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