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Reflexão sobre metodos e politicas publicas : que renovação dos instrumentos de desenvolvimento e extensão rural

Sabourin E.. 2008. Sociedade e Desenvolvimento Rural, 1 (1) : 18 p..

The fact to associate the agricultural extension to the eco-development and not to the so politically correct sustainable development, takes to an interesting return on the concept of eco-development promoted in the 80 by Pr Sachs, and with its unfolding in terms of economic, social and ecological vision of the rural development and the policies for familiar agriculture. The question of the sustainability of the agricultural extension has to see, in first place with the development model. The notion of sustainability of an agricultural extension for the eco-development also places three subjects, object of this paper: i) the institutional model of policies and strategy for agricultural extension, ii) the problem of the initial and professionalizing formation of the extension agentst and, in particular, of the evolution of the university curriculum of agronomy in Brazil; iii) the question of the extension methodology: in this aspect, they are introduced, from international references and of Brazilian experiences, the notions of the social construction of the innovation and the knowledge, of the partnership between research-extension and farmers. (Résumé d'auteur)

Mots-clés : extensification; politique agricole; développement durable; développement agricole; brésil; politique publique

Thématique : Économie et politique agricoles; Économie et politique du développement

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