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Technical guide for the creation, management and development of the pastures in Reunion Island

Barbet-Massin V., Grimaud P., Michon A., Thomas P.. 2005. Plaine des Cafres : UAFP; CIRAD, 99 p..

The idea of elaborating a technical guide, a compilation of knowledge acquired on the pastures of Réunion by UAFP and CIRAD in close consultation with the breeders and other socio professional organisations which have stakes in the agro-pastoral field in Réunion, has been ongoing for years, both in the minds of political decision makers who share the breeders' concerns, and livestock farming professionals wishing to have a tool suited to the Réunion Island situation. Informal and working meetings have helped shape and give a coherent lay-out to the different chapters in this book. Based on past experiences and recent results with an educational and summary objective, and enriched with an exclusively Réunion Island illustration, the contents of this book are an easily accessible resource for all those interested in livestock farming on the Réunion Island.

Mots-clés : système agropastoral; conduite des herbages; pâturage; prairie; gestion; coût de production; fourrage; valeur nutritive; réunion; france


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