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Contribution of low resolution data to African savannas characterization

Gond V.. 2005. In : Segundo Simpósio Internacional sobre Gestão Durável dos Ecossistemas, 25-19 Sept 2005, Maceio, Brasil. s.l. : s.n., (13 vues). Simpósio Internacional sobre Gestão Duravel dos Ecossistemas. 2, 2005-09-25/2005-09-29, Maceio (Brésil).

- In the context of international programs to understand the atmosphere-biosphere interface to model climatic changes. - Needs at a global level of information about surface parameters as surface roughtness, land cover, water availbalility, phenology, etc. - The objectives of this study is focus on: - the land cover characterization; - the spatial distribution of ecosystems. - The focus is done on the savannas and specially the west african savannas. - The study is done with low resolution remotely sensed data.

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